5 Layers with Oxygen Barrier PE-RT Pipes

Product CodeSizeMeter / Roll
150.116.24016 mm240 meter
150.116.40016 mm400 meter
150.116.50016 mm500 meter
150.117.24017 mm240 meter
150.117.40017 mm400 meter
150.120.10020 mm100 meter
150.120.20020 mm200 meter

Corrosion is prevented by Buto Pipe with Real OXYGEN BARRIER.


  Corrosion is the wear that occurs on the surfaces of metals as a result of contact with oxygen. Corrosion, also called oxidation, is the most important problem today.

How to Prevent?
  The best way to prevent corrosion is to prevent oxygen from entering the system. Ordinary plastic pipes used in heating systems operating at high temperatures do not prevent the oxygen molecules in the air from moving through the pipe wall thickness and penetrating into the pipe. In order to eliminate the negative effects caused by corrosion, it is necessary to use buto oxygen barrier pipes.

(We put oxygen barrier layer in the middle layer of buto pipe with the latest technology fot impacts and external factors (UV ray)to Protect)


• Extra flexibility
• Hygienic
• Long lasting
• Environmentally friendly
• Ease of application
• Affordable cost
• Energy-saving

Usage Areas

• UnderFloor Heating systems,
• Hot-cold installations,
• Heating systems (combi boiler, floor heating installations)
• Clean water – mobile distribution
• Solar energy, ventilation and cooling systems