Green Foil Covered Modulation Panel

EPS 200

    For underfloor heating installations; is the high technology product very special polystyrene insulation material strengthen with the folio contributing to reflection heat that provides good placement of the pipes besides floor insulation, prevents coming under of sets and alum concrete water, breaking and dispersions.

Product Code : 130.112.030 Madulation Panel

Product Code : 130.051.030 Madulation Panel

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Density : 30kg/m3
Test Method : TS EN 12667
Panel Size : 72cm x 72cm

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Box Sizes
1 Box = 0.18m3

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Units Per Package 
10 Piece = 5,1 m2

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Base Tickness : 20 mm

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Total Tickness : 40 mm

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Pipe Holder Cone Big Diameter = ⌀ 50 mm

Pipe Holder Cone Small Diameter = ⌀ 49 mm

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Interlocking design provides perfect integrity on the application area.

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Thermal Conductivity
Test method : TS EN 12667  -  0,0316 (W/m.K)

Maximum Carrying Capacity  78,5 - 8004 kPa kg/m2

Green Foil Covered XL Modulation Panel

Product Code : 130.112.030