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High density (30 or 40 density) thermal insulating materials (Cetin special foil covered modulation panel) are laid on floor concrete. So heat and sound insulating will be provided between floor. (This situation has very importance in case of individual heating with combi-boiler). Oxygen Barriered Underfloor Heating pipes in lengths and shapes determined in the project with heat calculations shall be installed on Modulation Panel. Alum concrete shall be laid after pressure and leakage tests on the installed pipes. Floor coating shall be made after the alum concrete dries. (Ceramic, parquet, carpet, marble etc.)



The first implementations in underfloor heating dates back to B.C.1200 years. Underfloor heating implementations were suspended for a period because long-life materials underflooring at the systems made with water couldn’t found in 1900s. (Underfloor heating systems with copper wire are seen at the Kocatepe Mosque in 1970s). Until production of the plastic technology heat resistant long life PE-RT pipes, underfloor heating installation is spread again nowadays because the lives of the plastic pipes is longer than the building life under floor covering



The cost of underfloor heating system has same price with the radiator and other heating systems. Since the insulating material used in underfloor heating system (foil covered modulation panel) is insulating material not heating, underfloor heating installation costs in more economical conditions when we add insulating material cost in other systems.

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Clean and Healty

Since the underfloor heating system does not create burnt dust, it doesn’t make smut at tulle curtains and walls, not cause dirtying. It dries the floor rapidly after surface cleaning on the floors (door mat etc.). It prevents the floor stay damp. It prevents production of bacteria caused by the damp environments. Underfloor heating is the heating system most convenient to human anatomy.

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Architecture Advantages

Underfloor Heating System, provides saving up to % 5 and opportunity of comfortable decoration since there are not heaters (radiator, apparatus etc.) in front of the glasses and interior locations. Screens, wall boards and independent sections (secretary office, inspection room, bureau, office etc.) may be constituted in wide volume locations.


Fuel Savings

Heat Condensation at room ceiling which can’t be prevented in the other systems does not exists in under –floor heating systems. Further being of operating temperature low (maximum 55°C) provided fuel savings of up to 35% when natural gas fuel condensation devices are used.