PE-RT / AL / PE-RT Aluminum Layered Pipe

Perfect Harmony of Plastic and Aluminum.

     Buto PE-RT / AL / PE-RT multilayer pipe combines the advantages of aluminum pipe and polyethylene pipe in a single pipe. The advantages of aluminum pipe, such as mechanical strength and long-term durability, and the advantages of plastic pipe, such as lightness and flexibility, are combined in Buto PE-RT / AL / PE-RT multilayer pipe.

      We produce Buto PE-RT/AL/PE-RT multilayer pipes in 16 mm, 20 mm, 26 mm and 32 mm diameters.

– Inner Surface: Made of PE-RT (Type II) raw material, which is hygienic, smooth and suitable for human health.
– Middle Layer: It consists of a durable ultrasonically welded aluminum foil layer that protects the pipe wall against oxygen diffusion.
– Adhesive Layers: Layers with special adhesives that tightly clamp the aluminum foil to polyethylene layers.
– Outer Surface: Rust resistant; It consists of polyethylene (PE-RT Type II) with aluminum foil on the inside that protects against abrasion.

Use of Buto PE-RT / AL / PE-RT Pipe in Clean Water Installations